Fluoride Put in Water Does not Belong in Blood

Fluoride  Blood Level Goal:                                          0  (impractical, but desired)

Fluoride Blood Level to Prevent Chronic Pathology:   < 0.04 ppm  to minimize IQ deficits in growing children


      F-  level in Blood                                     Pathologic Result

> 0.04 ppm                    IQ drops progressively above this level in growing children

       > 0.15 ppm                    Tooth fluorosis begins to appear    

       > 0.20 ppm                 Anemia after 1 year; 4,000 ppm in bone lifetime, weakening bone (NRC, 2006)

       > 0.30 ppm                  6,000 ppm in bone with arthritis-like bone pain (NRC, 2006)

       > 0.40 ppm                10,000 ppm in bone, immobile, bed-ridden   (NRC, 2006)

       1 -1.5 ppm       Chronic lethality from weakened heart muscle after uncertain period (animals, ATSDR, 2003)

              3 ppm        Instant death due to heart attack (heart block) due to calcium ion precipitation (NEJM, 1994)


    Blood Levels from Combinations of Fluoride Toothpaste and/or Fluoride Water

                       Condition                                                 Resulting Blood Level (Estimated)

   F-  Toothpaste           F-  water       

           yes                      1.0 ppm                                          0.21 ppm blood fluoride (NRC, 2006)

           no                        1.0 ppm                                          0.11 ppm

           yes                         0 ppm                                          0.11 ppm

           yes                      0.7 ppm                                          0.17 ppm

           no                        0.7 ppm                                          0.07 ppm

           yes                      0.2 ppm (Colorado River level prior to drugging)    0.12 ppm

           no                        0.2 ppm                                          0.05 ppm

           no                           0 ppm                                        <0.04 ppm > 0 (from foods, beverages, etc.)


             Water de-Fluoridation Methods                          Water fluoride level

1.  Bone char

     Under-sink filters:   (Shattuck 752-1621, $70, 1 year life, replacement cartridge $49)

                  fast flow rate                                                      0.1 ppm fluoride

                  slow flow rate                                                  < 0.04 ppm

                  Other brand: bestwaterpurification.com  $49 when available, testing pending

   Whole house bone char (15,000 expected to be allergic to F-Or:  sponge baths, calcium gels in shampoo)

      Vitasalus, Michigan (Dr. Banks tested, last more than 1 year)              0.2 ppm

      Promolife, Arkansas  $850, 1 year lifetime until char replaced               0.2 ppm


2. Reverse Osmosis (267 picometer diameter of fiuoride is less than length, not width, of water molecule)

   High Pressure tiny pore (Glacier water machines, continuously maintained, 25 cents/gallon)     <0.04 ppm

   Home Depot Reverse Osmosis unit (Layton tested, longevity being verified)            < 0.04 ppm

  (contact Patty re: Motsenbocker high pressure RO San Diego manufacturer, should be F tested for longevity)

  Other Retail Reverse Osmosis units               0.2 - 1.0 ppm range depending on brand and newness of membrane


3. Water Distillation 

    Ohio Distillers $99                                          0 .0 ppm (for long-term use, add lime juice, minerals of choice, etc.)

       (for larger capacity units see Dr. Kennedy


4. Anion/Cation Exchange- whole house or undersink—Aquathin, Florida (expensive)

NEJM:  New England Journal of Medicine,1994, Gessner, “Acute Poisoning from a Fluoridated Water Supply”

NRC:  National Research Council Report on Fluoride in Drinking Water, Washington, D.C., 2006.

ATSDR:  Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, “Fluorine, Fluoride, HF”, U.S. CDC, 2003.

Commercial Bottled water fluoride list at www.lulu.com search ‘Toxicity of Fluoridated Water’ (R. Sauerheber, Ph.D.)