Letter Campaign

Dear San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water,

As you are aware, San Diego began the misguided practice of water fluoridation with the contaminated waste product hydrofluosilicic acid a few months ago.  This practice hurts all of us, but it particularly hurts certain subgroups including young children.

Ironically, funding for San Diego fluoridation was provided by a group whose purpose is supposed to be protection and service for children up to five years old.  Recently, First Five Commission was faced with a reduction of funds and they cut several beneficial programs for children.  Guess what program they kept?  Fluoridation, a practice that exposes children to toxic levels of fluoride.

We need to educate First Five Commission, and to do so, we need your help.  We are requesting that you take a few minutes of your time and write letters to individual commission members to both provide information and to let them know how you as an individual feel about mandatory fluoridation.

We have provided six sample letters that you can copy and paste and, either send as is, or add your own comments or personal story.  Choose the letter that you feel best describes your personal concerns or, if you are unsure, choose based on the first letter of your last name.  The important thing is that we are factual, so if you are unsure of any information you are providing, please check your facts with the excellent website www.fluoridealert.org or contact someone from our group at www.sdsdw.org.  All information in the six sample letters is factual and can be substantiated by currently available data from scientific research or other reliable sources.

Thank you for your participation and thank you for showing your concern about this vital issue by signing up with our group.  Remember that you are always welcome at our meetings.  Information on meetings and educational material are provided on our website, www.sdsdw.org.

We have one other request . . . Please FORWARD this to everyone you know who may be able to help or who will benefit from the information we provide.  Remember, infant formula should NEVER be mixed with fluoridated water.

Thanks again,

San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water Leadership Team


Please send individual letters to each of the First Five Commission members:

  • Executive Director, Barbara Jiménez
  • Supervisor, Pam Slater-Price
  • Member, Carol Skilijan
  • Member, Sandra McBrayer
  • Member, Nick Macchione
  • Member, Wilma J. Wooten, MD


First Five Commission of San Diego County
1495 Pacific Highway, Suite 201 (MS-A211)
San Diego, CA 92101-6466

Individually addressed, mailed letters are preferred, but alternatively you can send individually addressed e-mails to each member of the First Five Commission at their website:  http://www.first5sandiego.org/contact-us

And, don’t stop there!  If you are so inclined, please send letters and e-mails to our City Council members.  Names and addresses can be found on the SDSDW website:  sdsdw.org/take-action-2/city-council-members/

Below are letter examples in a Word.doc format.
Please feel free to download to your computer and use how you wish.
The important thing is to mail them…thanks SDSDW.org

Letter#1 (A-D) First Five Commission Member
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Letter#2 (E – H) Letter Suitable for City Council Members
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Letter#3 (I – L) Letter Suitable for City Council Members
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Letter#4 (M – P) Letter Suitable for City Council Members
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Letter#5 (Q – U) Letter Suitable for City Council Members
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Letter#6 (V – Z) Letter Suitable for City Council Members
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