Code of Conduct

SDSDW Code of Conduct

In order to insure our cohesiveness and success, San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water hereby adopt the following rules and guidelines:

SDSDW Group Interactions

1.      Given the amount of business to be discussed, meetings will start and resume on time.  Exceptions may be made for delays in the arrival of invited media.

2.      Always show respect for others.  In a large group, there will inevitably be differences in opinion about an issue and how to deal with it.  Acknowledge other points of view and present yours respectfully and with humility.

3.      Only speak when called upon by the group leader/moderator(s).  We all have valuable things to say, and everyone should be afforded an opportunity to contribute.  Keep side conversations inaudible.

4.      Stay on point when speaking to the group.  Unless otherwise requested, what you say should be designed to move our effort forward.  Any communication that does not fit this criterion should be reserved for individual and small group discussions.  Keep your group communication as brief as possible and yield the floor when asked.

5.      Watch your anger.  We are all, understandably, upset that our health is threatened by unsafe drinking water.  Outbursts and abrasiveness are not constructive to our effort, and will not be tolerated.

Interactions with Officials, Counsel, and Media

1.      Be professional and dress appropriately.

2.      Abide by the rules, guidelines, and decorum of the respective venue.

3.      Be friendly, respectful, and maintain your composure at all times.

4.      Be prepared.  Time is often limited within these contexts.  Outline your presentation, rehearse what you are going to say, and stay on point.

5.      When possible, meet with other group members beforehand and be open to coaching.

6.      Be appreciative.  Thank the person(s) for the opportunity and their time.

Interactions with the Public

1.      Be presentable, respectful, friendly, and helpful.  Don’t impose.

2.      Obey all laws and respect rules pertaining to private property.

3.      Represent SDSDW and conscientiously fulfill its intentions (i.e., “Don’t go rogue”).

In General

1.      Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and only do what you are good at.

2.      Give people the benefit of the doubt and never be arrogant or defensive.

3.      Keep your word.

4.      Be honest.

5.      Remain nonpartisan.  Our cause is supported by those of many party affiliations.