How fluoride is specifically defined officially by various agencies.

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How fluoride is specifically defined officially by various agencies.  By Dr. Richard Sauerheber  8.24.12

1. The Food and Drug Admilnistration (FDA) defines fluoride in water as not a mineral nutrient, but as an uncontrolled use of an unapproved drug.
2. The Oral Health Division of dentists at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC OHD) defines fluoride as a supplement in water for teeth health.
3. The Enviornmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines fluoride as a contaminant, but one which is not corrected if below 2-4 ppm and allows its disposal into water supplies.
4. American Water Works Association (AWWA) defines fluoride as a water additive.
5. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) defines fluoride as both a contaminant and a water additive!!
6. National Research Council (NRC) defined fluoride in 1956 as a possible mineral nutreint that might decrease teeth decay.
7. NRC defined fluoride in 2006 as an industrial chemical substance that in water is causing diverse adverse health effects on millions of Americans that are unprotected.
8. Toxicologists define fluorides lacking calcium as toxic calcium chelators, listed on all poisons registries as insecticides, rodenticides and pediculicides.
9. Chemists and Geologists call fluoride a natural mineral in the earth’s crust and in some fresh waters.
10. Oceanographers call fluoride a natural mineral present in the oceans at 1 ppm together with thousands of ppm antidote calcium.
11. Biologists call fluorides unnecessary for living organisms.
12. Nutritionists and Dietitians vary from calling it an esential mineral in vitamins, to being a non-essential mineral with no purpose having no minimum daily requirement.
13. The Department of Agriculture defines fluorides as pollutants.
14. The Defense Department calls fluoride an essential ingredient in the nuclear arms race for uranium enrichment, where pollutant adverse effects are an acceptable side effect for
National Security and supports the idea of fluorides being good for teeth to minimize effectiveness of fluoride pollution lawsuits against them.
15. Webster’s defines ‘a fluoride’ as a mineral compound containing fluoride.
16. Congress defines fluoride as not being a drug, without qualifying what then, pray tell, it is.
17. American Dental Association (ADA) defines fluoride as an effective decay preventive dentifrice.
18. Water districts define fluoride as a water ingredient for teeth and blame toothpaste manufacturers for the U.S. tooth fluorosis epidemic because water fluoride was here before
toothpaste fluoirde was and toothpaste fluoride is far too high in concentration.
19. Colgate defines fluoride as the active ingredient in toothpaste and blames water districts for the U.S. tooth fluorosis epidemic because water fluoride is intended to be swallowed
while toothpaste is prohibited from being swallowed.
20. The Irish Health Ministry 2012 now defines fluoride as an ingredient in foods and because adding food into water supplies is illegal in Europe, Southern Ireland is expected to soon
ban industrial fluoride infusions into public water supplies, as practiced there with great health adverse consequences, since 1965.
Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D.