SDSDW’s PhD analysis of Connett – Farran debate

Detailed analysis by our very own Dr. Richard Sauerheber:

“I sent these comments to the newspaper page just now and it accepted them all.

“Farran is incorrect in most statements. Fluorosilicic acid is a distinct chemical species that can be observed spectroscopically in solution, but it cannot be isolated free of aqueous solvent because this causes the complex to re-dissociate back to HF and SiF4. The original correlation by Trendley Dean that fluoride might affect teeth caries has been disproven in vast studies (Teotia; Hileman; see Thiessen reports to EPA and HHS, 2012, among others), even when the Dean data are included, which was found to be scatter among the complete population of cities in detailed analyses by Ziegelbecker (see Connett, 2011 textbook for brief description of that work). Calcium builds strong teeth, not fluoride, which is not a mineral nutrient of any kind (NRC, 2006; FDA), and the water in Hereford, Texas where the false correlation was introduced contained over 300 ppm calcium and magnesium.
Calcium minimizes fluoride assimilation from ingestion and any fluoride found naturally in some fresh waters is always accompanied with much caicium from which it ionizes. Maximum solubility for calicum fluoride is only 8ppm fluoride and if calcium fluoride had been used as a fluoridating agent then we would not have had the Hooper Bay, AK fluoridated water poisoning disaster with 302 life-flighted victims of an overfeed and one fatality (Gessner, New Eng. J. Med. 330, 1994).   Calcium fluoride is not a listed toxic on poisons registries, but all industrial fluorides lack calcium and are listed toxic calcium chelators with a low LD50 of 125 mg/kg single oral dose in test mammals. For Farran’s information the lethal level of fluoride in the bloodstream which causes blockage of heart contraction due to reduction in calcium activity is a mere 5 ppm. Blood levels of consumers in 1 ppm fluoridated cities averages 0.2 ppm but varies widely because waters in the U.S. vary widely in calcium content (7 ppm in the Pacific Northwest, 50 ppm U.S. average, 500 ppm in areas in Texas).

It is calcium which determines the toxicity of ingested fluoride. For example, the Columbia River salmon collapse in the 1970s was caused by only 0.3 ppm industrial fluoride from a smelter, where fluoride narcotizes salmon brain and prevents navigation. Fluoride in sea water does not bother salmon in the slightest because of the massive levels of calcium in the water preventing assimilation. The salmon returned after the discharges were halted. South Sacramento began fluoridating in 2007 and in 2008 there was a salmon collapse, the first since the 19th century. The rest of the city became fluoridated later and salmon runs still do not exist anymore here. This seems to not matter to dentists who are intent on protecting teeth at any cost, who traditionally have overlooked facts that bone is weakened when fluoride accumulates to 3,000 mg/kg (NRC, 2006) during lifetime consumpton of 1 ppm fluoride water average in humans, and brain degeneration is slow and progressive in animal studies at similar low levels (Varner, Brain Research, 1986, Reddy, 2011, etc.) and tooth fluorosis is abnormal enamel hypoplasia due to systemic fluoride blockage of protein removal during enamelization that is now endemic in the U.S. with 41% of teens having this ugly condition as of 2004 (CDC). 

The FDA ruled from 1963-1993 correctly that fluoride is not a mineral nutrient, does not strengthen bone (as promoters had hoped it would) and addition into water is an ucontrolled use of an unapproved drug. Hopefully the industrial fluoride-in-water ban petition or the petition to ensure that any proposal to take fluoride internally require a prescription, as required for Luride,  will be honored by the FDA soon.
If the IQ deficits that occurred in the higher fluoride water Chinese village were due to waste emissions from another region, as suggested by Farran, then why did only the fluoride village become the one most affected?
Drinking water does not affect teeth caries by bathing teeth with fluoride. Toothpaste contains 75,000 times more concentrated fluoride (1,500 ppm) than the fluoride in saliva (0.02 ppm) from drinking 1 ppm treated water, that continuously bathes teeth topically.  CDC dental officials were asked how it is justified to spend 300 million dollars annually in the U.S. to achieve only 0.02 ppm, 75,000 times less concentrated than in toothpaste, a level perceived to affect caries topically. The CDC responded that they would send the question to someone else to try to find an answer. 

Farran never answered the public question on why we fluoridate water when pineal gland calcification is so high in the U.S. and fluoride causes calcification of the pineal gland. He implies that fluoride that accumulates in bone and brain is low enough to never affect anyone’s health, but the NRC reported that fluoride accumulates lifetime permanently into bone to 3-4,000 mg/kg and there is no doubt that pineal gland fluoride is very high at the same time bone fluoride is.
Sincerely,  Dr. Sauerheber”