Fluoride Increases Mercury Update In Blood – Dr. Kennedy On Fertility

Dr. Kennedy has been talking for a long time about mercury exposure due to dental amalgam.  When a person ingests fluoirde the link is that fluoride increases the body’s uptake of mercury, paving the way for it to be assimilated into the body. MANY if not MOST organizations that have anything to do with making money on dental amalgam’s including dentists, doctors, and any government organization like the CDC, FDA, EPA etc. are lying about it because they are liable from having endorsed the safety for so many years.  All we have is anecdotal evidence, but avalanches of it exist and Dr. Kennedy takes us ones step closer to the truth with this great video above.

Here is an example of how people defend dental amalgam from www.livestrong.com:


Mercury is also toxic to the nervous system. The leading source of mercury exposure is consumption of seafood. Developing fetuses are particularly sensitive to mercury exposure and the exposure may have severe consequences, such as cerebral palsy. Shark, swordfish and mackerel have high mercury levels, while shrimp, light tuna, salmon, pollock and catfish are low in mercury and serve as good sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Other sources of mercury include some exterior paints, thermometers and other medical equipment, and some industries. Dental amalgams may contain mercury, but studies show that no toxicity results from them. Thimerosal, a preservative once used in some vaccines, has been blamed for numerous toxic effects; however, studies have shown no link between thimerosal and health problems, including autism.”

Dr. Kennedy exposes this fraud.  It is very common for official many different “authorities” and organizations to defend (lie about) mercury in dental amalgam. Much like fluoride mercury amalgam fillings has been lied about for decades. The ADA CDC and FDA are culpable.

This video is anicdotal evidence, but darn good evidence it is. Dr. Kennedy speaks on the link between mercury fillings and fertility.